The Russian Hacking of UK Vaccine Research – The Story That Reveals The Reality Of The Government’s COVID 19 Response – In This Together

Russia tried to hack U.S., Canadian and UK COVID 19 vaccination programs. Or so we are told. Nearly every single UK mainstream media outlet carried the same headline story. This was a concerted, coordinated effort across all MSM channels, to convince the entire population that Russia are the baddies, we are the goodies and something must be done about those evil Ruskies.

There isn’t a shred of evidence to back up any of it. It is nothing but fake news and the entire mainstream media (MSM) are peddling it.

The story comes from the National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) advisory report APT29 Targets COVID 19 Vaccine Development. There is no proof anywhere in that report to substantiate a single word of anything the British MSM have mindlessly regurgitated into the British public’s consciousness.

This shouldn’t really come as a surprise. From Russia Gate in the U.S. to the ludicrous Skripal poisoning narrative in the UK, it seems there is rarely, if ever, any evidence to back up these wild Russian attack claims.

There has been no meaningful analysis of the intelligence agency’s story by any MSM outlet. None have questioned it, they have simply parroted baseless state propaganda without hesitation. If this ubiquitous fake news doesn’t demonstrate to you that we do not have a functioning open and free MSM in the UK, then nothing will.

The MSM are by far the most egregious distributors of fake news. Throughout the COVID 19 pandemic their reporting has been directly funded by the government. However, in spewing out this puerile bilge for the terminally gullible, they have undermined everything we are supposed to believe about the COVID 19 and the allegedly unavoidable Lockdown regime response.

It is obvious that your life means nothing to the government. They don’t care about protecting the vulnerable, the NHS, your loved ones or anyone else. All of this is made abundantly clear by the existence of this farcical propaganda.

The story is not that Russia tried to hack our vaccine programs, even if there were a reason to believe it, it is that this matters to the government. Or rather, it matters to them that you believe it.

We have been told that this is a global pandemic requiring global solutions. The whole world is faced with an unprecedented threat requiring a world wide effort to combat this invisible enemy.

So what possible rationale can explain why Russia would need to hack British vaccine research in the first place? Why aren’t Russian and British scientists sharing their work with each other if this is all supposedly about saving lives?

Because it isn’t. It is part of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset as the globalist financiers jockey for position in the new technocratic abnormal. Having destroyed the global economy more than a decade ago the financiers, oligarchs and the bankers have squeezed every last drop out of the dying economic world order while they prepared for the new one.

The Russian Hacking of UK Vaccine Research – The Story That Reveals The Reality Of The Government’s COVID 19 Response

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