US Targets Thailand with Attempted “Color Revolution” – Global Research

It is safe to say that Thailand has much stronger ties with China than it does with the US – a trend the US has sought to rectify not by offering Thailand better economic, political, or military partnerships – but through the sort of political meddling now playing out in the streets of Thailand today and meddling that has destabilized Thailand politically since US proxy Thaksin Shinawatra was ousted in 2006.

Protests today are designed to either affect regime change – seeking to place either Thanathorn or another nominee of Thaksin’s into power – or to create enough chaos to reduce Thailand’s ability to function as a reliable partner for China’s economic rise regionally and globally.

Thanathorn has previously, openly supported US-backed sedition in Hong Kong and has openly planned to employ similar tactics in Thailand.

The US finds itself attempting to claw back regional primacy in Asia-Pacific and around the globe – leveling a growing number of sanctions against nations like Russia and China, battling Chinese companies directly, sowing chaos in streets in and around China – most recently in Hong Kong – and attempting to sabotage relations between China and its growing list of partners and allies.

In the days, weeks, and months ahead the US and its partners will continue attempting to seek leverage in Thailand to do just this – and the protesters the Western media claims are “pro-democracy” but clearly paid by and working for Washington are just the beginning.

US Targets Thailand with Attempted “Color Revolution”

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