“Comply or Die: The myth of the Great Reset” – Renegade Inc

“The French Revolution didn’t ‘start’ in 1789; WW2 didn’t ‘begin’ in 1939; an avalanche doesn’t ‘commence’ when the surface snow begins to slide.

By the time human beings recognise that a massive shift is taking place, it’s been underway for a while, sometimes a long while. The majority become aware during the quickening stage of the phenomena. We’re in one now…

As this process accelerates it will become increasingly clear to ‘normal’ people that the primary concern of governments and ‘elites’ is to maintain their grip on power, and to double down when it is threatened”

MarkGB, ‘The Quickening’, 14th March 2019

Our monetary system is a gigantic scam: run by parasitic banks, regulated by mediocre lickspittles, used by corrupt politicians & milked by corporate criminals. 

* At the individual level it facilitates huge wealth for those closest to the ‘money spigot’ & ‘debt slavery’ for those furthest away

* At the corporate level it disguises ‘liquidity’ as ‘solvency’, wrecks price discovery,  keeps zombies on life-support, and incentivises executives to sacrifice a healthy balance sheet on the altar of a debt-funded share buy-back scheme

* At the national level it enables governments to keep ‘kicking the can down the road’ rather than address vital social, economic and infrastructural issues

* At the international level it fuels constant ‘resource wars’ disguised as ‘humanitarian interventions’

* It keeps ‘power’ in the hands of a small, and clearly sociopathic ‘elite’

Look at our systems of political lobbying & party funding, and you will see the same thing: institutions riddled with corruption. Throw in over-crowded prisons, millions of homeless people & a criminal justice system that lets high-profile paedophiles strut around with impunity…and you realise that western ‘civilisation’ in 2020 could teach 3rd Century Rome a thing or two about the glorification of ‘rot’.

My position on ’The Great Reset’ is that any new world designed by the same people who presided over the last one, will not solve the fundamental ‘disease’ that has plagued humanity for centuries. A world run by ‘takers’; a world run by people that view humankind as ‘dispensable’, is a fundamentally ‘evil’ world. And that is exactly where we will end up, if we meekly accept a ’solution’ designed by the same people…even ones that have learned to put on a ‘caring mask’.

“Comply or Die: The myth of the Great Reset”

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