Stolen Childhoods – By Eva Bartlett – Mark Taliano

“You stole my childhood,” a well-off, well-backed, Swedish girl said, (yes, I’m aware of the PR factory behind her, I don’t necessarily blame her:

Over the years since 2007, in occupied Palestine, then in the years since 2014, walking in Syria, I’ve witnessed untold childhoods stolen–stolen by nearly 10 years of a Western-fomented and backed war on Syria’s people and further stolen by draconian US/Western sanctions against the Syrian people–for decades, the June 17 Caesar Act being only the latest, depraved, cruel, round; and childhoods stolen by Israel’s violent and brutal occupation of all Palestinian lands, over at least 7 decades of childhoods stolen by Zionist invaders and occupiers, who were, btw, the original terrorists.

The gangs of the Irgun and Haganah committed acts of terrorism against Palestinian civilians, but you wouldn’t know because MSM and wikipedia blithely describe these acts of TERRORISM as a “campaign of violence.”

I think about that phrase, “you stole my childhood”, uttered by a well-backed Swedish girl exempt of the actually stolen childhoods of the children of Syria, Palestine, Yemen…and so many more countries targeted by the West & Israel , and I see daily Syrian children with actual stolen childhoods silently going about their laborious work, in order that they and their families, if they still have any, might survive.

Stolen Childhoods/ By Eva Bartlett

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