Hezbollah, The Source of All Troubles in Lebanon and the Middle East – American Herald Tribune

Hezbollah is the source of all troubles currently besetting the US Empire in the region; it is spoiling most of Washington and Tel Aviv’s strategies and plans for Lebanon and the Middle East. Even amid the harshest economic crisis hitting Lebanon, Hezbollah is still opposing US efforts to bring Lebanon to its knees and subject the country to Israel’s whims. Hezbollah did not defeat the efforts of the US and Israel in a single honest blow, but rather is responsible for the failure of dozens of attempts to implement the US-Israel strategies in the Middle East.

To begin with, Hezbollah is considered the most influential and most loyal ally of Iran, the country that, for 40 years, the US has attempted to break and subject to its power, with no success thus far. Indeed, the US takes into its calculating consideration any possible Hezbollah reaction against its closest ally, Israel, every time the possibility of war against Iran is on the table. Hezbollah thus plays a significant role in disturbing the US and Israel’s efforts to cripple Iran’s capabilities and submit the entire Middle East to a US-style peace deal. The bitterness between Iran and Israel began in 1982 when Tel Aviv invaded Lebanon and Iran helped the Lebanese to liberate their territory. Since then, Hezbollah has been considered the biggest threat to American and Israeli plans in the Middle East.

In Palestine, Hezbollah stands for the right of return of all Palestinian refugees to their homeland, the land of their fathers and ancestors. This stand opposes all Israeli efforts since 1947 when Zionist massacres in Palestinian villages and cities led to the 1948 exodus of Palestinians when the state of Israel was proclaimed “over the bodies of thousands of dead Palestinians”. Moreover, the US for some reason finds it difficult to accept Hezbollah’s support for the Palestinian organisation Hamas, which by defending Gaza is preventing Israel from subjecting the whole of Palestine to its dominance. 

The US is used to dealing with Lebanese politicians who are inured to corruption and have depleted the country’s wealth for over three decades. Hezbollah is campaigning to fight corruption. In fact, after so many years of mismanagement and favouritism among politicians and their families, the US would not welcome a new breed of politicians less compliant to the wishes of the US and its Israeli partner.

From Washington’s point of view, Hezbollah is indeed a “troublemaker” and a source of headaches for the US and Israel. But the efforts of Washington and Tel Aviv to bring about the disintegration of Lebanon show no signs of eliminating Hezbollah and its influence.

Hezbollah, The Source of All Troubles in Lebanon and the Middle East

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