Israel attacks Damascus again. Warning – graphic footage of missile in Kesweh, Damascus. – Vanessa Beeley

I have been in Damascus during a number of Israeli criminal attacks. Each time the familiar roar overhead of incoming missiles rattles the windows and sends the cats scrambling for cover. The orange flashes illuminate the horizon as the army engage and intercept the missiles. You watch the light of the air defence interception move across the sky in what looks like a crooked line and what seems unbearably slow when you are watching from the ground. Then the impact and the explosion in mid air.  

I was thinking this morning that the Syrian Arab Army effectiveness at dealing with these attacks has become almost routine. Nobody in Damascus worries. In the street where I am living, people carried on eating, talking, laughing, walking in the street. Nobody showed any alarm even when what was maybe a piece of shrapnel fell close by and smoke curled up into the night sky.  

A really big explosion echoed around the tightly packed streets about 5 minutes into the attack. Still no panic. Why? Because the Syrian Arab Army prevents death and destruction with ease, with professionalism and battleworn accuracy.  A friend of mine told me that one missile was taken out directly above their apartment block. “The whole sky was orange right above our heads”. I can’t help but imagine if that missile had not been destroyed – his 5 year old son might have been killed and how many other children and families crushed inside the building. It didn’t happen, it rarely happens – I am not saying there are no casualties, there is no destruction but it is limited and hundreds of lives are saved during every attack by the Syrian Arab Army and their air defence systems.  

Somebody commented on one of my posts this morning something like “well at least Syria defended itself this time, about time”. This idiotic comment prompted this post. This comment comes from someone who has no comprehension of how much the Syrian Arab Army has sacrificed to prevent civilian deaths in this country. How rapidly they always respond to any incoming attacks despite being stretched across a number of battle fronts for the last ten years.  

What if all those missiles hit Damascus every time? I cant even imagine the death toll and the horror. So, thank you to the Syrian Arab Army for making it possible for everyone here to sleep well at night – you are all heroes, you are all the reason that life continues (however hard it is) in this country. 

You are the defenders of justice against injustice, the representatives of peace not war, the sense of security when everything is falling into chaos. Thank you will never be enough.

Israel attacks Damascus again. Warning – graphic footage of missile in Kesweh, Damascus.

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