The White Helmets & “Chlorine Cylinders” — Hidden Syria

We can say conclusively that yellow cylinders don’t by default equate to being chlorine cylinders. We can also say with certainty that the White Helmets were in possession of, and using, the same type of yellow cylinders that were found at Douma in 2018.

A long held argument by those denying staging at Douma is how hard it would be to carry one of these cylinders up or down flights of stairs. I have shown how easily they can managed in videos from Lataminah and Talmanes. Two men would have no issues lifting and carrying a cylinder a distance.

I also find it interesting that Alex Crawford failed to show the ‘Cylinder Storage Room’ and that as she entered the hospital theatre the yellow cylinder, that would have then been in full view of her camera, had been moved whilst nothing else in the room appears disturbed in a significant manner?

The very idea that any military in the world would drop a chlorine cylinder from a helicopter is quite literally preposterous in military terms and to anyone with a decorum of common-sense. But to actually rely on the cylinder valve breaking for it to release its contents is even more ludicrous. Especially when we are told that same military had M4000 sarin bombs that would have cleared the entire block if deployed. Instead, we are told, the Syrians decided to shelve the M4000 and favoured 2 chlorine cylinders dropped from helicopters. And if you question that lunacy, it’s you that’s the conspiracy theorist!

This is the Truth, in a Post-Truth World.

The White Helmets & “Chlorine Cylinders”

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