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Polly Toynbee’s minders have let her loose at the gin again, and she’s rattled off an incoherent mess of an article which is essentially an effort in curling all the people she doesn’t like into one ball and flushing it down the toilet.

She’s overjoyed that the government has already committed to buying 90 MILLION doses of a vaccine that might not work and hasn’t been safety tested, but is afraid some people won’t want to use the rushed vaccine to defend themselves against a virus they probably won’t get, and will likely do them almost zero harm should they get it.

Patrick Wintour is asking the questions we’re all too afraid to ask. Like, “what if the UN changed so that China and Russia couldn’t hold back Western Imperialism?”

He doesn’t phrase it that way, of course, but when he rails against “the age of impunity” and the “debilitating veto”, he’s very much talking about everybody else, not lovely NATO. This is made more than apparent by the countries he singles out for criticism.

He has cross words for Assad and Putin predictably. Somehow Venezuela comes in for some flak too, despite not being at war with anyone for decades.

Israel, though, goes un-named. As does the war in Yemen, for which neither the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia nor their backers in the Pentagon receive any rebuke. Afghanistan is not mentioned, nor is the NATO bombing of Libya.

Now, did a bunch of Russian billionaires make their money in unethical and borderline evil ways during the dark days of the 1990s? Absolutely yes. Is this true of most billionaires? Most assuredly. Is it nauseating to watch the global 1% support each other in keeping a boot on the neck of the working class? Incredibly so.

Does their ethnicity have any bearing on this? Of course not.

They aren’t RUSSIAN billionaires, they are Russian BILLIONAIRES. That’s the problem with this article, it focuses on the wrong word in the name of spreading Russophobic hysteria.

These people are very much billionaires first, and Russians second. For heaven’s sake, many of them have been “exiled” from Russia thanks to Putin’s radical political ideas, like insisting people pay tax and stop stealing their worker’s pensions. Several now have British citizenship.

If Luke were a journalist he might ask why billionaires prefer to keep their money in the notionally democratic law-abiding UK, and not the allegedly corrupt free-for-all that is Putin’s Russia.

But Luke is NOT a journalist, he’s an MI5-backed paranoid personality and an increasingly xenophobic one at that; because this article is straight-up racism.

Sir Keir Starmer is not now, and never has been previously, anybody’s idea of likeable or decisive. He has the voice of a bank manager, the face of a substitute teacher and the charisma of a not especially interesting cucumber. He is a nonentity. A suit full of bugger all. And it’s not a nice suit.

This Week in the Guardian #10

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