The Untold in the Trump Illegal F-15s Menacing Iranian Airplane over Syria – Syria News

The Trump regime illegal forces in Syria deployed two F-15 bomber jets to dangerously menace Iranian civilian airplane 23 July, in al Tanf, which is in Syria, which is not in the USA. This was an act of terrorism in Syrian airspace, which put the lives of every person on the plane at risk. Multiple injuries were reported and treated upon the plane’s safe landing in its Beirut Airport destination.

Though early reports claimed the bomber jets were Israeli, the pilot reported that the illegal F-15 pilots identified themselves as “American.” The early reports were based on Israel’s successful war criminal use of the Russian IL 20 as a ‘human shield’ in September 2018.

It is an educated guess that the blood-lusting Trump regime war criminals were likely hoping for a replay of carnage in Syrian airspace, similar to the massacre when US fighter jets tricked the Iranian air defense — near the borders with Iraq –making them add more alert level which led to the shooting down of Ukraine International Airline Flight 752. The Trump regime maneuver succeeded in killing 167 of its passengers on 8 January 2020.

Not that the US needs any justification to shoot down a civilian airplane, especially an Iranian one, the USA did deliberately shoot down Iran Air Flight 655 back in 1988 killing all 290 people onboard passengers and crew and they even bragged about that. But here, they were plotting to embarrass Syria by provoking Syrian air defense to shoot at the US fighter jets and hit the Iranian plane instead, and to embarrass Iran after the latter signed a new defense treaty with Syria to provide Iranian advanced air defense missiles to Syria.

People in the Levant, and in the whole region, as a matter of fact, can’t see any difference between US and Israeli methods, tactics, or any acts that always end with a war crime.

The Untold in the Trump Illegal F-15s Menacing Iranian Airplane over Syria

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