Frightened, Confused, and Tense, Israeli IDF Bombs itself and Accuses Hezb Allah! – Syria News

After one full week of remaining on high alert, the Israeli IDF carried out a bombing against one of its own fortifications in a village it occupies south of Lebanon, it accuses Hezb Allah of aggression and celebrates victory over its own bombing!

What happened yesterday evening at the southern Lebanese borders will be recorded in history as one of Israel’s defeats, this time it defeated itself in psychological warfare with the Lebanese resistance group Hezb Allah.

Yesterday marks the completion of one week since the bombing of Damascus and this by itself increased the tension and confusion among the Israelis from their top post where the embattled Israeli PM Netanyahu left a meeting to summon his war cabinet in what he described as ‘highly important development in the north’ (on the borders with Lebanon), to the IDF’s commander of the northern region fleeing his command in a civilian vehicle he stole from an Israeli settler to the IDF’s soldiers on the ground who started bombing one of the posts they emptied earlier claiming that a group of Hezb Allah managed to occupy it.

Not only they announced that they managed to stop a military operation by Hezb Allah, but their controlled media also went into celebrating and joy to lower it down later to anxiety and fear as the dust settled down. In the so-called ‘only democracy in the Middle East’, the media is tightly controlled by the Israeli war ministry. Therefore, any report by its reporters must be approved if not distributed by the war ministry itself. One of such reports claimed that up to 20 members of Hezb Allah were seen trying to breach the abandoned fortified post and were all eliminated, another report claimed that a group of Hezb Allah, not 20 though, were spotted and when they were targeted by the IDF artillery they retreated north, what happened to the 20 killed?! A later tuned down report claimed that it was an unsuccessful attempt by Hezb Allah to target the post but they retreated when caught.

During this considerable time of the Israelis bombing their own post out of fear and anxiety, they mistakenly hit a known residential house for a Lebanese family who was having lunch at the time and managed to escape with light wounds. Israeli media started questioning the unsubstantiated news from its war ministry sources and doubting any truth in it, one of the former Israeli officials said ‘we need to wait until Hezb Allah issues a statement to find out what really happened.’

Frightened, Confused, and Tense, Israeli IDF Bombs itself and Accuses Hezb Allah!

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