US Rhetoric Reflects a Long Past Era – New Eastern Outlook

What is always revealing is to compare the rhetoric of US political leaders with the reality of their actual behaviour. Although billing itself as the leader of the free world, that alleged leadership more often manifests itself as unbridled bullying of nations it regards as lesser entities.

The visit to Copenhagen for example, received a surprisingly small amount of mainstream media coverage. Denmark is a NATO member and has an historical record of equality and opportunity for its citizens that easily surpasses any comparable effort by the United States. It is not too difficult to ascertain the real reason for Pompeo’s flying visit. Not long before Pompeo flew into Copenhagen the Danish Government announced that it was approving the use of its territorial waters for the laying of Russian pipelines designed to provide Russian oil and gas to the German market.

No details have emerged as to the United States’-Danish talks, but it is a safe bet that Pompeo would have applied enormous pressure on the Danes to cancel their approval of the use of their territorial waters for the transit of Russian oil and gas. Thus far the pressure seems to have failed and there has been no withdrawal of Danish approval.

What the western media never reflects upon and is glaringly obvious from Pompeo’s visits to the United Kingdom and Denmark and his Californian speech, is the obvious disjunction between US rhetoric about “liberty”, “free choice”, “market forces” etc and the blatantly self-interested and bullying nature of United States behaviour.

Apart from the obvious reaffirmation of the fact that American rhetoric rarely matches the reality, is that Pompeo’s speech exemplifies the fact that the world he (and his predecessors and undoubtably his successors) fondly imagine to be the case has long since ceased to be an accurate view of the world.

US Rhetoric Reflects a Long Past Era

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