This Week in the Guardian #11 – OffGuardian

Every week (or, rather, most weeks, since the coronavirus torpedoed our schedule), we like to highlight three or four stories that go full-Guardian, but don’t require an entire article of refutation.

Jonathan Freedland is the Guardian’s worst of the worst. Everything every other Guardian columnist does, Freedland does more and worse. He is unendingly smug, belligerently dishonest and incredibly hypocritical. Happy to cheer on war one week, and then mournfully chide warmongers the next. To attack “tyrants” who are an enemy to democracy in one breath, and call for massive restrictions of civil liberties without a pause.

Man, they really want people to wear these. Even if you have to make your own out of a handkerchief and an elastic band (both famous for their anti-microbial properties).

Appearing first back in May, and being regularly updated since, the “What kind of mask do I need?” page of the Guardian is a contradictory delight. For starters, never once do they question whether you even need to wear a mask, despite substantial scientific evidence that they do nothing at all. Indeed, until very recently, the WHO was recommending only symptomatic people should wear them. Other papers have basically found they do nothing to halt the spread of the flu.

You can ignore all that, the Guardian sure does. Instead just cut up some of your old t-shirts or strap a kleenex to your face with some hair ties, and – BINGO – you’re virus proof. Just make sure you wash your hands before AND after you cut up that t-shirt that’s been sitting in your dresser for years, with all your other clothes, and tie it to your face.

This Week in the Guardian #11

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