COVID Risk: Why the Only Real Factor is Age – 21st Century Wire

One of the key problems with how the entire ‘lockdown’ concept was conceived in the first place was the US and UK governments’ over-reliance on computer-modeled projections and pandemic simulations.

It’s now known that almost all of these models turned out to be completely wrong and yet, the government still doubled-down on its policies based on these same false assumptions and corrupted data.

Regarding the COVID crisis going forward, rather than casting their typical one-size-fits-all approach to public health policy, perhaps it would behoove governments to place the majority of weight on one single variable. Maybe then the models might actually become useful. Not surprisingly, that crucial variable happens to be the one at-risk demographic which the government completely failed to protect since the beginning of the so-called ‘pandemic.’

To be even more accurate, the real risk emerges when you combine old age with corresponding chronic long-term health conditions, also known as comorbidities.

Why are governments still refusing to admit this is the only real variable we should be concerned with?

COVID Risk: Why the Only Real Factor is Age

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