Face masks, lies, damn lies, and public health officials: “A growing body of evidence” – Denis Rancourt

A vile new mantra is on the lips of every public health official and politician in the global campaign to force universal masking on the general public: “there is a growing body of evidence”.

This propagandistic phrase is a vector designed to achieve five main goals:

* Give the false impression that a balance of evidence now proves that masks reduce the transmission of COVID-19

* Falsely assimilate commentary made in scientific venues with “evidence”

* Hide the fact that a decade’s worth of policy-grade evidence proves the opposite: that masks are ineffective with viral respiratory diseases

* Hide the fact that there is now direct observational proof that cloth masks do not prevent exhalation of clouds of suspended aerosol particles; above, below and through the masks

* Deter attention away from the considerable known harms and risks due to face masks, applied to entire populations

The said harms and risks include that a cloth mask becomes a culture medium for a large variety of bacterial pathogens, and a collector of viral pathogens; given the hot and humid environment and the constant source, where home fabrics are hydrophilic whereas medical masks are hydrophobic.

In short, I argue: op-eds are not “evidence”, irrelevance does not help, and more bias does not remove bias. Their mantra of “a growing body of evidence” is a self-serving contrivance that impedes good science and threatens public safety.

I prove that there is no policy-grade evidence to support forced masking on the general population, and that all the latest-decade’s policy-grade evidence points to the opposite: NOT recommending forced masking of the general population. Therefore, the politicians and health authorities are acting without legitimacy and recklessly.

Face masks, lies, damn lies, and public health officials: “A growing body of evidence”

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2 thoughts on “Face masks, lies, damn lies, and public health officials: “A growing body of evidence” – Denis Rancourt

  1. Another thing. It never had anything to do with masks. With all the other freedoms reduced or removed, we are experiencing massive disinformation and distractions, keeping us from focusing on what’s really happening and important.

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    1. Indeed, it is a great way for the parasites in control to visually see what percentage of the populace believe in their propaganda & will comply with their diktat. They have also used it as another divide & conquer tactic very much like the left/right political puppet show, using the masked as useful idiots to attack those who see through the propaganda.

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