Fact-Checking a “Fact-Checker”: A Response to HealthFeedback.org – OffGuardian

On July 12 an organization called Health Feedback posted a review of my and Patrick Corbett’s July 2 OffGuardian article on the bombshell revelations of Bulgarian Pathology Association President Dr. Stoian Alexov. They stamped it “inaccurate.”

This article is a refutation of Health Feedback’s so-called fact-checking. I show why Dr. Alexov’s statements, in fact, fit the evidence, and punch plenty of other holes in Health Feedback’s claim that our article is “clearly wrong” and has “very little credibility.”

Health Feedback’s review is fatally faulty right off the top, when the review’s unnamed author mistakes my co-author Patrick Corbett for James Corbett of The Corbett Report: the screencap at the top of the review is from James Corbett’s June 16 interview with me.

The review also takes a swipe at outlets that reposted our article: it notes Media Bias/Fact Check dubbs GlobalResearch.ca and Australian National Review “conspiracy websites.”

But Media Bias/Fact Check has long been launching bogus attacks. And in addition, the Media Bias/Fact Check website says it has “chosen the IFCN [International Fact Checking Network] as our standard fact-checkers because they all abide by the same rules. This is important, as the standards are high.”

Note, however, that IFCN is funded by the likes of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (see below).

By the way, there’s at least one other article claiming to debunk our piece: a July 8 article by Lead Stories. Facebook uses the Lead Stories review to try to block people from reading our July 2 piece. I focus on Health Feedback’s review here because it’s more detailed and covers the same ground as the Lead Stories piece.

I’ll just mention a couple of things about Lead Stories. First, it belongs to the IFCN (still more on the IFCN very shortly). And when Lead Stories’ co-founder and editor-in-chief Alan Duke and his buddy Perry Sanders started the company in 2015, Duke was ending his long career with CNN – which isn’t exactly known for its factual reporting. And Duke shows his blatant bias when, in this article on Lead Stories, he blames COVID-19 deaths on people who don’t wear masks or social distance, and says “misinformation can be deadly.”

Let’s now take a quick peek under the hood of Health Feedback. It bills itself as a “non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to science education.”

Its advisors include nuclear-power booster and MIT professor Dr. Kerry Emanuel. Another advisor is Thomas Malone, who’s listed as a founding director of the Center for Collective Intelligence.

The Center is funded by, among others, Wall Street giant JP Morgan and pharma company Takeda. Takeda is developing antibody-based therapies against COVID-19.

Health Feedback’s parent organization is Science Feedback, which claims to be “non-partisan.”

Science Feedback apparently is “certified through the non-partisan” IFCN and joined Facebook’s “fact-checking program” in April 2019.

At 21:57 in the video, and in this link in the show notes, of The Corbett Report’s June 19 podcast episode exposing the glaring conflicts of interest in the fact-checking industry, host James Corbett reveals that IFCN’s major funders include George Soros-backed organizations and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Fact-Checking a “Fact-Checker”: A Response to HealthFeedback.org

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