Are Trump and Adelson Now at Odds Over Netanyahu and Israel? – 21st Century Wire

It was billed as the “Deal of Century,” but in 2020 it has hit the rocks. In the end, the deal which the Kushner-Trump-Netanyahu nexus had hoped would gain at least some traction going in the 2020 election cycle – turned out to be entirely unacceptable by one of its principal parties, the Palestinians. Its sponsors hoped it would pass as some sort of Middle East ‘peace plan’ in order to buy time for Israel to increase its land holdings, but now it looks like the law of unintended consequences may be overtaking the situation. 

Back in the summer of 2016, 21WIRE revealed how leading Israeli lobbyist and financier, Sheldon Adelson, held sway over then candidate Trump’s Middle East policy slate and would ultimately go on to shape his Administration’s position on Palestine and Israel. The true extent of Adelson’s influence was realized upon the appointment of neocon John Bolton as the President’s National Security Advisor and the commitment to an aggressive and hawkish position versus Iran – one which would eventually drag the US and the region ever closer to a wider conflict in 2019.

But things may be going sour between the two camps. Certainly, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s back-to-back election failures and looming corruption trial has made him a liability for Trump who places a lot of currency in backing ‘winners.’ Because Adelson is Netanyahu’s chief backer, then it’s easy to see how quickly this alliance might falter. Normally, this would be front page news whenever a leader’s power base was fracturing, but because the story involves Israel, the US media have more or less ignored it – which speaks volumes about the depth to which The Lobby’s influence has penetrated the mainstream media in the United States.

Are Trump and Adelson Now at Odds Over Netanyahu and Israel?

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