Beirut: Chaos strategy, tragedy and dangerous disinformation – Vanessa Beeley

I strongly refute the “Hzboll*h” ammunition store theory which has been circulated by some analysts. The port is almost entirely under control of Saad Hariri’s Future Party. Hzboll*h have no access to the port. As Marwa Osman told me today “can you imagine the US allowing a ship full of weapons to dock in Beirut harbour, they would destroy it way before it reached this destination“. Bottom line, Hzboll*h does not operate in the area of the blast, it does not store weapons in this area.

Sharing or supporting this theory plays into the hands of the globalists by giving Israel its usual excuse of “self defence” and increasing the sectarian divides in Lebanon, turning public opinion against Hzboll*h.

All the videos circulating of supposed Israeli missiles are suspect. I, personally, do not believe that the Zionist entity would be so obvious as to use missiles when a simple intelligence operation would suffice to ignite the huge store of ammounium nitrate in the port.

I do believe that Israel is behind the attack. Israeli leadership chatter before and after the event corroborate that belief. That is my gut feeling. There is no hard evidence to support this theory YET. I caution everyone against jumping to wild conclusions or sharing sensationalist theories like “tactical nukes” – to my knowledge there has been no sign of radiation poisoning among the victims and this kind of scaremongering is not useful or beneficial for the victims of the attack who are already dealing with extreme trauma, PTSD and residual terror. Please don’t add to it during this very critical stage of recovery and investigation.

Beirut: Chaos strategy, tragedy and dangerous disinformation

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