Covid-19 measures – how far should they go and when should they stop?/By Ian Jenkins – Vanessa Beeley

This coronavirus has an Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) of approximately 0.24% (the key metric in assessing the danger of a virus – for comparison the IFR of Influenza is between 0.1-0.2%). The IFR of this virus is possibly lower, as more asymptomatic and mild infections are being detected – most infections have always been in this category (with children barely affected at all) – and on any analysis of data the high mortality phase of the epidemic has passed.

The government and media are now using ‘cases’ (positive test results, which are deeply flawed in themselves) instead of deaths to justify the continuation of the insanity we are being forced to live through because, as with every novel virus, deaths have now fallen because most of those at risk have either died (though there are serious questions about the recording of deaths) or have recovered.

There are no daily announcements of revisions to the IFR of this coronavirus on the news though – of indeed mention of IFR at all

We currently have had six weeks of below average mortality, based on the last 5 years. What is certain is that it is irresponsible, indeed it could even be called deranged, to focus on a single factor in causing death while ignoring the grave effects of lockdown and the toll of other diseases and illnesses.

I see no serious concern from politicians over the huge spike in cardiac and cancer deaths, or in suicides and mental health effects – though non-Covid excess deaths following lockdown are estimated as high as 20,000.

Instead billions are being handed to some of the most morally dubious companies in the world to develop a vaccine – for which they will receive indemnity from any injuries caused. Also a software billionaire with a highly questionable history of business ethics and clear traits of megalomania is now allowed to call himself a health expert, although any health initiative that does not originate in a laboratory and is not delivered through a syringe appears to be of little or no interest to him, or increasingly to the organisations he funds through his philanthrocapitalist foundation, including the WHO.

All for a virus with an IFR of 0 24%.

Covid-19 measures – how far should they go and when should they stop?

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