Beirut: A tragedy that threatens the region with war and chaos – UK Column

On the 4th August 2020 an apocalyptic event took place in the main port of Lebanon’s capital city, Beirut. Two explosions tore the city apart. The first explosion was registered on multiple mobile phone videos. The second ripped through the city with terrifying force, killing an estimated 220 and injuring more than 7000. Many victims are still missing as the search for survivors and bodies continues in the aftermath of thirty seconds that has left Beirut and Lebanon reeling with shock.

Three hundred thousand people are reported to be homeless although it is suspected that all estimated numbers are conservative. The damage to property is believed to be in the region of $ 10 – 15 billion. Lebanon’s main port is destroyed and will be closed for a year. Lebanon is a country largely reliant on imported goods for its survival so this loss is potentially devastating in addition to the human loss and trauma.

There are a number of theories surrounding the blasts being circulated on social media and by journalists keen to conclude that an attack was carried out by Israel using “tactical nukes”. While there is a strong possibility that Israel is directly or indirectly involved in the incident, it is too early to rush to judgement based upon doctored videos and images that have been published online.

What is clear is that this horrific event is being seized upon by the US/Israeli-dominated predator nations that see it as an opportunity to rid themselves of a recently elected Lebanese government that is tentatively supportive of Israel’s nemesis in the region, Hezbollah.

Peter Ford, former UK Ambassador to Syria and a regional expert, also concluded that these horrific events are designed to create maximum confusion in a country which has largely defied US and Israeli diktats and to pressurise Hezbollah into irrational, reactionary responses. Ford cautions that it would be unwise to allow the enemies of stability in the Levant to orchestrate the political and information aftershocks from the explosion. He said recently:

Those weeping crocodile tears for Lebanon today are the same people who cheered on the recently implemented ‘Caesar Act’ which, in imposing fresh sanctions on Syria, provoked a stampede on Lebanese banks, sending the economic crisis in Lebanon over the edge.

For now, our thoughts and solidarity must be with the victims of this traumatising event as they desperately try to piece their lives back together in the midst of a cynical take-over bid by the US/Israeli alliance with the help of internal players who would sacrifice Lebanese unity for their own corrupt interests.

Beirut: A tragedy that threatens the region with war and chaos

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