Exposing US Color Revolution in Thailand Aimed at China – Global Research

The Western media was quick to decry the arrest of 34 year-old lawyer Anon Nampa who has been leading recent anti-government protests in Thailand.

Articles like, “Two protesters arrested, more sought,” noted Anon Nampa faces charges including sedition. The Western media cites an organization – Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) – noting its role in advocating for Anon Nampa’s release, but never notes that Anon Nampa himself works for TLHR or who funds and supports TLHR.

TLHR and the Protests it Leads Are US-Funded – Funding the Media Refuses to Mention 

TLHR was created out of the US Embassy in 2014 just two days after a coup ousted the US-backed client regime of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra – sister of fugitive billionaire Thaksin Shinawatra. TLHR has since protested both the coup and reforms enacted to ensure such a client regime could no longer take power.

With the US, France, UK, and Canada guilty of the worst human rights abuses of the 21st century including the invasion of Iraq, the destruction of Libya, the proxy war against the nation of Syria, and the arming of nations like Saudi Arabia in its war on Yemen declared by the UN as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world – among others – all done under the thin smokescreen of addressing humanitarian concerns – Washington’s creation and support of TLHR and the street protests they now lead in Thailand serves ulterior motives merely hiding behind “human rights” concerns and “pro-democracy” demands.

Exposing US Color Revolution in Thailand Aimed at China

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