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This month, the revolution against COVID-19(84) totalitarianism has been rising up with about a million protestors in Berlin and somewhere between 10,000 and 100,000 in Montreal. While these are positive signs, I also am concerned that we are fighting fire with fire. And the tyrants have far more firepower than we can ever muster.

Are we not fighting state collectivism with an anarchistic form of collectivism? Media talk with alternative talk? Even if the majority started denouncing the COVID-19 narrative, such a vocal, unified movement, in itself, would not make what the WHO has done right or wrong. Such activism is focused on social persuasion rather than appealing to reason and conscience.

Now, if you’ve ever watched a political debate, you know how hard it is to over-talk a politician. And the politicians have the media on their side. Or is it that the media has the politicians on their side? Regardless, is trying to out-talk the mainstream media really going to work?

I think a far better tactic is to get printed reading material in front of eyeballs. This may sound archaic. But that’s the point.

2009 study found that reading increases the amount of white matter in the brain, which aids in processing information and decision making. A 2009 study found that students scored 28% better who read their lesson on paper, versus hearing the same lesson on a podcast. An article in Scientific America says that at least a third of our brain is involved in turning letters into meaningful concepts. And the Hechinger Report says “most studies point to better reading comprehension from printed material [instead of on-screen].”

Therefore, instead of giving your masked neighbour a lecture on hypoxia or emailing your uncle a link he probably won’t click, try this instead: Print out on paper an articleflyer or study that cites evidence why masks (por ejemplo) do not reduce primary or secondary infections. You can then hand these black-and-white pages to friends, family and strangers. Simply say: “Can you read this and let me know what you think?”

Reading is one of those acts which separates us from the animal kingdom. Indeed, reading activates the ventrolateral frontal cortex area of the brain, says The University of Oxford, which “is involved in many of the highest aspects of cognition and language, and is only present in humans and other primates.”

Today, we are in dire need of such a peaceful tool that stimulates the “highest aspects of cognition” when confronted with such grave cognitive dissonance.

Protest against COVID Disinformation and Social Engineering

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