‘Staying Safe’ Online: Wisconsin Gov’t Dept Requiring Masks on Zoom Calls – 21st Century Wire

Ever since western governments veered towards lockdowns supposedly to protect the public from COVID-19, technocrat agenda makers and social engineers at organizations like the World Economic Forum (WEF) have devised their own roadmap for 21s century society which they are calling the “New Normal” – supposedly in order to stop successive ‘Second Waves’ of the virus. Politicians and media operatives have latched on to this slogan, claiming that the virus has already “changed life as we know it,” and that “life will never be the same” after the reign of the novel Coronavirus.

This ‘New Normal’ farce took on a new level of ridiculousness this week, after Wisconsin state officials from one government agency are now requiring employees to wear masks – even on remote video Zoom calls.

This is disturbing development for sure, but it’s indicative of the bizarre psychological inversion that government and its corporate enablers are trying to indoctrinate the public with as part of their ‘pandemic’ response.

According to Wisconsin state officials, the idea of employees wearing masks while video conferencing supposedly “sets a good example during the pandemic.”

Is American society sliding off the edge of sanity?

‘Staying Safe’ Online: Wisconsin Gov’t Dept Requiring Masks on Zoom Calls

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