The Reaction of the Left to Lockdown – OffGuardian

A deadly pandemic, we are told, swept across the planet, forcing governments to massively enhance state and police power, lock everyone up in their homes and bork the economy. National governments, transnational institutions and all media outlets were of one voice. Panic.

We just had to put millions and millions of people out of work then shut them up in a heavily policed panic room.

Anyone unable to perceive the foundations of the unofficial left might imagine that they would have interrogated this extraordinary situation, that they would have critically appraised official accounts of the severity of the ‘pandemic’, that they would have asked themselves what the likely effects might be of putting so many people out of work; or that it would have been the perfect time for ‘radicals’ to seriously question the functioning of the system, to explore wider questions about its stability and to critically investigate vested interests; perhaps also take a look at the universal denial of death and how easily people can be manipulated by playing on their fears, or even explore the possibilities for genuine revolt as the economy contracted. They would have been disappointed.

What was the response of the unofficial socialists mentioned in the original article?

Did they criticise the official story?

Did they ask if anything else might have been motivating their leaders than altruistic concern for human life? Did they question the extraordinarily repressive measures governments have taken to contain the problem?

Did they question official figures (or even looked at them — many were surprisingly frank)?

Did they take a second look at other epidemics and pandemics (such as the flu pandemics of 57 and 68: each of which were twice as deadly as C-19), or at deaths from influenza under normal conditions (around half a million a year — about the same as C-19), or at deaths from other similar illnesses, like pneumonia?

Did they sound any alarm bells about rather suspicious proposed solutions such as an express vaccine, contact-tracing and so forth?

Did any of these people ask any seriously critical, or even very interesting, questions?

The answer to all of these questions was an almost entirely predictable no. Every man jack of them fell straight into line.

The Reaction of the Left to Lockdown

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