The Belarus Protests – Maidan 2.0? – American Herald Tribune

The similarities of what has occurred in Ukraine over the past seven years, and the situation that is currently playing out in Belarus, are so far, almost a carbon copy; and the motivations for a Western-friendly regime to be installed in Minsk as it was in Kiev, should be blindingly obvious to onlookers.

With many Belarusian industries under state ownership, there is also prime motivation for Western corporate interests to seek a change of government in Minsk to one that would favour privatisation; a common factor amongst previous regime change projects, from the CIA and MI6’s 1953 coup in Iran, in response to Mohammad Mossadegh’s nationalisation of Iranian oil reserves, to the CIA-orchestrated 1973 coup in Chile, which allowed US-based manufacturing firms to gain a foothold in Santiago’s copper industry and telecommunications sector.

With these factors in mind, as well as Belarus’ unique geographical position, it can now only be hoped that the current unrest doesn’t follow the same trajectory as Ukraine in 2013, as such an outcome would surely encourage the Neocons to pursue what is perhaps the biggest, and most dangerous, regime change prize of all – Russia.

The Belarus Protests – Maidan 2.0?

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