Sydney Doctor Wants Vaccine Passports and Travel Ban for Anyone Refusing COVID Jab – 21st Century Wire

In recent week, the government of Australia has ramped-up its lockdown policies, driving the country and ts people even closer to full-blown medical martial law. This week, Australian PM Scott Morrison was caught on record saying that COVID vaccines should be mandatory for all citizens, but was forced to backtrack on his statements after public outrage over his authoritarian statements.

One Sydney doctor is now openly advocating that the government suspend the rights of certain citizens by implementing a permanent travel ban covering both interstate and overseas movement – designed to target anyone who is refusing the new fast-tracked COVID vaccine.

Dr Zac Turner wants government to single out what he calls “anti-vaxxers” and suspend most of their normal rights as citizens until they are forced to be vaccinated – presumably under the power of the state – in the name of ‘public health.’ He is adamant that any dissenters should have their basic rights suspended for holding any beliefs which fall outside of prescribed mainstream media and corporate pharmaceutical narratives.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Turner is also former employee of vaccine firm AstraZeneca – the same company which has sewn-up a deal with the Australian government to vaccine the entire population.

Turner derided anyone questioning the safety or efficacy of vaccines as “clowns” and believes they pose a direct threat danger to rest of the right-thinking citizens who will comply with government orders.

Sydney Doctor Wants Vaccine Passports and Travel Ban for Anyone Refusing COVID Jab

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