The Fake News About Iran & the Taliban Aims to Achieve Three Strategic Objectives – Global Research

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again!

Just like the New York Times’ fake news earlier this summer about Russia allegedly paying bounties to the Taliban to kill US troops, CNN’s latest variant of this narrative about Iran supposedly doing the same should also be met with skepticism. The Islamic Republic is the subject of this particular information warfare attack after the earlier one failed to resonate with anyone other than those who are already predisposed to distrusting Russia and suspecting it of all sorts of foul play across the world. Russia doesn’t have a history of supporting Islamic groups, but Iran does, which is why this story was thought to be more believable the second time around after the Eurasian Great Power was swapped out with the Islamic Republic as the “bad guy”. Iran predictably denied the claims, and the author’s intuition is that it’s telling the truth since the Taliban is always eager to kill Americans without any external incentive to do so. Regardless of the veracity of this latest report, however, making its contents public was intended to achieve three strategic objectives.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s likely not a coincidence that CNN released its story about Iran and the Taliban just a few days after the UNSC resoundingly rejected the US’ motion to impose “snapback sanctions” on Iran. It was obviously expected that this would happen, hence why Washington had a backup plan ready to implement in that scenario, ergo the variation of its earlier claims this summer about Russia supposedly being the one paying bounties to the Taliban to kill US troops. Truth be told, the US should have went with the Iranian variant of this story from the get-go since it was always comparatively more believable to a larger audience than accusing Russia of this, though there were arguably other interests at play as previously explained by the author at the time in his hyperlinked analysis at the beginning of this article about why the American “deep state” chose to make Moscow the original “bad guy”. Even in the event that just as few believe the latest story about Iran as they did the one about Russia, the US will probably seek to instrumentalize these accusations to advance its strategic objectives.

The Fake News About Iran & the Taliban Aims to Achieve Three Strategic Objectives

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