Is Britain avoiding justice for possible assets who ‘joined’ ISIS in Syria? – Vanessa Beeley

The British government prevarication and reluctance to bring the two ISIS terrorists home for trial must be viewed with some skepticism. I spoke with Peter Ford, former UK Ambassador to Syria and Middle East expert.  He had the following to say:

” You have set me thinking. 

What may be interesting here is that with the transfer of these men to American jurisdiction it is likely that we shall never know whether these ISIS propaganda stars had ever been ‘assets’ of British security agencies. Lest this seem far-fetched let us recall that the encouragement the British authorities gave to Libyan terrorists based in UK has been well documented.

It has also been reported that British intelligence not only knew but even tried to recruit the ringleader of the ‘ISIS Beatles,’ Emwazi (aka ‘Jihadi John’). Were they successful, perhaps? 

Compared with the effort which must have gone into killing Emwazi by drone strike – obviating the possibility of a trial in Britain liable to bring out the answer to this question – the efforts made by the British government to bring the two British subjects Kotey and ElSheikh, conveniently (or inconveniently?) fallen into the hands of Kurdish militia, back to face British justice, appear to have been tepid. 

Now, given that the accused will no doubt disappear indefinitely into the maw of the opaque American injustice system, the British authorities can perhaps heave a sigh of relief that no spotlight will be shone upon the role of British unintelligence in funnelling any extremists, no matter how dangerous, into Syria as long as it seemed that they were against Assad.”

Certainly it is well within the realms of possibility that the UK intelligence services have military assets on the ground in Syria and “mingling” with the brutal extremist forces whether it is ISIS or any of the other regularly rebranded militia tasked with the toppling of the Syrian government. The recent airlifting of an injured SAS operative from southern Syria is also indicative of the clandestine war that the UK is waging against the sovereign nation that has defended itself against such operations for the last ten years. 

Is Britain avoiding justice for possible assets who ‘joined’ ISIS in Syria?

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