‘No Jab, No Pay’: Australia to Use UBI, Benefit Payments to Enforce Vaccine Compliance – 21st Century Wire

Following its reactionary move to lockdown the territory of Victoria based on what can only be described as a nomimal number of COVID cases and deaths, it seems that the country of Australia has now become ground zero for expediting the New Normal agenda.

As the world spotlight now hones in on the draconian measures being enforced by the Australian government, ministerial departments are relying on numerous spokespersons in order to sell what are effectively unconstitutional policies and dictatorial ‘health regulations.’

Currently running cover for the Prime Minister is Australia’s Health Minister Greg Hunt, who has taken a very aggressive stance against civil liberties this week, which he believes is justified because the supposed ‘threat of the pandemic.’ Hunt is championing an initiative previously launched by the country’s current Prime Minister Scot Morrison which was cynically named, “No Jab, No Pay.” Hunt explains how the government make its citizens take any vaccine they want to administer:

“We are keeping on the table the existing mechanisms we have such as no jab, no pay [and] no jab, no play,” he said.

“We are one of the world’s great vaccination nations and I expect very widespread uptake.”

Another prominent public face is Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Nick Coatsworth, who has been tacked with promoting a number of Chinese-style medical surveillance initiatives including the country’s dubious “COVIDSafe” app, which the government claims has helped stop the spread of coronavirus.

This week, Coatsworth was sent in front of the cameras to sell what has become the world’s most totalitarian government vaccine policy – where government agencies will threaten to withhold benefits to vulnerable citizens, and even deny children access to education – unless they accept government “encouragement” to take whatever vaccines are being mandated at the time.

‘No Jab, No Pay’: Australia to Use UBI, Benefit Payments to Enforce Vaccine Compliance

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