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And reading between the lines, you can see the NHS is hinting that Covid, too, is not an emergency, since viruses that almost no one dies from and that rarely cause any health problems, aren’t. In this bold foray into matters of verity, high school maths, simple reasoning and common sense will prove sufficient. And you’ll have the satisfaction of defeating the best that Imperial College has to offer.

Virtually harmless, Covid does have some odd characteristics. For instance, Public Health England have long been aware that any people who die, if they ever tested positive for Covid-19, must have died from it. That makes sense. I had a cat once who upset a jug of water. Weeks later the basement flooded. I remember thinking at the time, That bloody cat!

Covid could even be a conscious entity, capable of responding to our knowledge of it. As with Schrödinger’s quantum cat in a box, which only becomes dead once you lift the lid to take a look, ‘Corona Cat’ has been prowling around for more than a year, yet it only began its reign of terror after we started taking it seriously and decided to lock down.

When it comes to face masks, Corona Cat must be deemed especially cunning, because he responds to our beliefs vis-à-vis the efficacy of these puny coverings. We can say one day that they don’t work and the next that they do, and be confident he will play by our rules.

All masks obstruct normal breathing and are nearly useless at containing viruses, because viruses are small. Very small. If you’ve ever kept chickens, like old José from the next quinta opines, you appreciate the neat relationship between chickens and chicken wire. On the other hand, if you’ve ever been assailed by a swarm of midges, your first thought isn’t, where did I leave that roll of chicken wire?

Covid Seen Afar

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