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In a mirroring of the nauseating collection of pro-Keir Starmer pap the Guardian (et al.) have been pumping out for weeks, the Biden cheerleaders so carefully ignoring the obvious signs of acute mental decline have squirted out this anonymous editorial praising Creepy Uncle Joe’s “stubborn decency”.

It makes particular reference to his DNC speech this week, but doesn’t mention something pretty important. Namely, that it was in part word-for-word re-hashes of a speech he gave at the DNC twelve years ago:

The New York Times called it “The Speech of His Life”, which is funny because it was inane, shallow and he already gave it once and apparently totally forgot. A more fitting parallel for his campaign could not exist.


This plays exactly into what we talking about in last week’s TWitG. The push to hard-code “the new normal” by associating with more than just this particular coronavirus.

This article has experts tell us that Covid19 is a “crucial opportunity” to “pull the planet back from brink”. Meaning, in essence, that all the limitations and destruction imposed on us in the name of “saving our lives from the disease” can (and likely will) be maintained in the name of “saving us from climate change”.

They even attempt to tie climate change in as a possible cause for entirely theoretical future pandemics:

This Week in the Guardian #14

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