Video: Dr Dolores Cahill Speech in Dublin Destroys Gov’t Argument for COVID Lockdown, Masks and Vaccines – 21st Century Wire

Since the onset of the COVID crisis, one of the most censored people on social media has been Dr. Dolores Cahill from Ireland – targeted by corporate censors at Silicon Valley firms like YouTube and Google, and automatically flagged by the automated ‘fact checker’ censorship feature on Facebook. So-called ‘third party fact-checkers’ from mainstream corporate media outlets like USA Today, AFP, Science Feedback – claim to know more about biological science than Dr. Cahill, and they believe they are entitled to shutdown her views and opinions aired on social media platforms.

Her qualifications: Dr Dolores Cahill is a molecular biologist and immunologist, specialising in early diagnosis of diseases, research integrity, and looking at the impacts of government policy in science, innovation, education, as well as on public health of society. She has been a science professor for 15 years – most recently with University College Dublin, and has served for 10 years government advisory science council, and 15 years as an EU expert advisor.

This past weekend, Dolores Cahill spoke to thousands of people gathered in the Ireland’s capital city of Dublin for “Time For Change” Against Oppressive Government Restrictions and Mandates, with crowds assembling in peaceful protest against the Irish government’s COVID lockdown policies. This was the second anti-lockdown rally held in Dublin since the beginning of the crisis in Ireland. Thousands gathered to protested against new government mandates, lack of transparency in their own reporting, proportionality of policy decisions, and the lack of government accountability, their cadre of science advisors and public health officials. Cahill addressed the crowd on issues of government liability for its policies based on misinformation, and constitutional rights violations based on unscientific findings leading to unwarranted lockdowns, social distancing, school closures, masks, and vaccines.

Dr Dolores Cahill Speech in Dublin Destroys Gov’t Argument for COVID Lockdown, Masks and Vaccines

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