The Australian Soviet: PM Morrison Closes Borders, Imposes New Authoritarian Measures – 21st Century Wire

Earlier this month the world witnessed a number of disturbing scenes coming from Down Under. After announcing what was a marginal amount of alleged COVID ‘cases’ in the Victoria province in Australia, the government proceeded to institute one of the most draconian lockdowns ever seen. As a result, the country’s economy has crashed even further, forcing hundreds of thousands on welfare. It soon became clear thatnAustralia was going to be the ground zero test bed for the globalists’ ‘New Normal’ agenda.

Because of a relative handful of cases in provinces like Victoria and New South Wales, the country’s leadership decided to impose one of the worst lockdowns in the world. For its law abiding citizens, the prospects of a quarantine-free travel and freedom of movement has become a thing of the past.

How long the current impasse will last is anyone’s guess. For millions of Australians, a dark reality is now beginning to set in: if you own a passport, you probably won’t be able to use it anytime this year, and possibly well into next year too.

Last week we learned that Prime Minister Scott Morrison told his subjects that it is “unlikely” that Australia’s borders will be closed until Christmas 2020, and more likely beyond that into spring of 2021.

“I would welcome if by Christmas it were possible, but I think it’s unlikely that we [will be] able to move back to a restriction-free society [by then],” said the PM. “I doubt that is going to happen, and I doubt the medical situation will enable it.”

The announcement means that the countries electorate are effectively prisoners of the state – a situation not unlike the heavy hand of state control experienced in the Soviet Union, where party commisars forbid its citizens from freely travelling in and out of the country, with heavily surveilled and restricted movement between provinces, along with state restrictions on freedom of assembly in public – all of which are now set features under the current regime in Australia.

In the near term, its only visible lifeline to the outside world may be with its antipodean neighbor New Zealand, whose government is currently being run by a Tony Blair disciple and committed globalist, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who recent moved to shut the country down after a only handful of supposed ‘cases’ were detected, triggering more mass hysteria of a ‘second wave’ surge of coronavirus there.

More worrying though is PM Morrison and his officials recent comments implying that Australians will be subject mandatory vaccinations as soon as the new fast-tracked experimental COVID vaccine is finally made available. Such a policy would likely give way to a new system of digital “immunity passports,” with Australia already far down the road in developing comprehensive digital identity systems. When you combine this extreme policy initiative with the shutting down of the country’s borders, it soon becomes clear that the government in Canberra is willing to go all the way in suspending basic freedoms like travel and free movement – in order to make the population submit to its demands of medical martial law.

The Australian Soviet: PM Morrison Closes Borders, Imposes New Authoritarian Measures

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