OffGuardian is not “in denial” – OffGuardian

Eric Zuesse, our erstwhile contributor, recently wrote an article published on Strategic Culture titled “those in denial about coronavirus”. Throughout he refers to a “prominent libertarian site” and the editor he was communicating with. It suits him to be coy and keep it anonymous, but I don’t see that need.

OffGuardian is the “libertarian” site in question, and I am the editor with whom he was exchanging e-mails.

Needless to say, we reject his casting of us in these terms, and refute entirely the idea we are “in denial” or “populist” or that our position on the coronavirus “crisis” is in any way ideological.

Eric did not tell me, until the day before publication, that he intended to use our correspondence as the basis for an article, nor did he ask my permission to do so. While I do object to this unprofessional approach, I did not request he not publish but instead asked him to make three amendments:

1. Include my refutation of the “libertarian” label.

2. Put my request for an apology in its proper context – ie. a response to his accusing us of “deceiving our readers”.

3. Most importantly, publish my entire response rather than quote-mining.

Sadly Eric made none of these changes and did not include the full un-edited correspondence in his piece. So, by way of a response, here is the actual chain of emails:

OffGuardian is not “in denial”

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