Western War Propaganda Still Aims at Syria – New Eastern Outlook

While US regime change in Syria appears to be a terminal failure, various propaganda ploys used to sell the war continue in the hopes that – at the very least – such ploys can be polished and improved upon when and where the US turns its attention next.

One of these ploys includes an ongoing “trial” in Germany against Syrians accused of war crimes.

While Germany itself contributed very little to the US-led intervention in Syria – it is playing host to a trial organized by and for US interests and in support of Western war propaganda – not for any sort of justice.

That those representing alleged witnesses are literally funded by US corporate-funded foundations and the US government itself raises serious issues regarding conflicts of interest and the motivations of prosecutors as well as the legitimacy and agency of Germany’s judicial system.

If successful – and if there is a failure in exposing this tactic and what truly lies behind it – it will become a tool held above the heads of other nations caught in the crosshairs of US coercion and regime change ambitions. It will lead to a future where US allies host show trials and find nations “guilty” of “war crimes” in the middle of wars of aggression the US itself engineered and executed.

It also will have an impact on the reputations and reliability of nations – like Germany and their judicial systems – if they find themselves regularly hosting show trials for the purpose of war propaganda.

At a time when the so-called “rebels” in Syria have now been exposed as extremists operating under the banner of Al Qaeda, its various affiliates, and the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” (ISIS) with the US and its closest regional allies exposed in aiding their rise both within Syria and across the wider Middle East and North Africa – the reputation of nations like Germany will suffer by continuing to host efforts – however anemic – to continue feeding Washington’s war propaganda against Syria.

Western War Propaganda Still Aims at Syria

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