Al-Jaafari: international law has become like the gentle lamb whose care is entrusted to a pack of wolves – The Syria Times

Over the past years, some Governments of Member States of the Security Council have dealt with the humanitarian situation in my country with blatant selectivity. This selectivity has manifested itself and continues to be manifested by their politicized focus on certain areas to protect the remnants of the terrorist organizations that control them. This selectivity also aims at preventing the Syrian Arab Army and its allies from liberating them from terrorism. At the same time, those Governments deliberately overlooked the catastrophic humanitarian conditions experienced by the Syrians in other areas occupied by the American and Turkish forces and the crimes of their tools of proxy separatist militias and terrorist organizations.

Today, and for over twenty days now, more than a million Syrian civilian in Al-Hasaka city and its surrounding areas- in northeastern Syria- face thirst and water deprivation as the Turkish Regime continues committing its crimes, using water as a weapon of war to punish the people of the city, including women, children and the elderly, because they refuse occupation and hold on to their country.

In continuation of the policies of some Governments hostile to my country, on August 24, 2020, terrorist organizations detonated the gas pipeline feeding the Syrian electric power stations, causing the occurrence of a general blackout all over Syria.

This terrorist attack, perpetrated by the terrorist groups supported by the American troops in Al- Tanf occupied area, is merely a link in the chain of economic terrorism that has become the dominant title of the current phase. This economic terrorism is practiced by some Governments of the Member States of this organization vis-à-vis my country by imposing unilateral coercive measures, including the so-called “Caesar Act”, and the crimes that these governments commit directly or through their tools of separatist militias and terrorist organizations to plunder oil, gas, antiquities, wheat and agricultural crops and destroy civilian facilities and infrastructure.

All of these crimes aim to suffocate the Syrian citizen and deprive him of his basic needs of food, medicine, gas and electricity, obstructing the reconstruction process, preventing the return of the displaced, and exerting more pressure on the Syrian Government to make political concessions, especially since this terrorist bombing coincided with the commencement of the third round of the Constitutional Committee in Geneva.

Al-Jaafari: international law has become like the gentle lamb whose care is entrusted to a pack of wolves

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