COVID: save the planet, save the virus – Jon Rappoport

Think of a propaganda story as a Vegas casino. The casino wants you there gambling at the tables, losing your money. But that central premise isn’t enough. They have to add features. The endless buffets. The shows. The pools. The art exhibits. The dolphins. The illuminated fountains. The story has to keep sprouting new dimensions and variations. In order to keep people gambling.

In recent articles, I’ve presented compelling reasons to reject the notion that a new COVID virus exists.

Of course, many people are determined to save the virus-story, so they embellish it. They add features based on no evidence. They fantasize.

Here is a low-level attempt to save the virus:

“SARS-CoV-2 isn’t, all by itself, very dangerous. But the elderly are extraordinarily SUSCEPTIBLE to it.” As if, somehow, the virus calculates the numerical age of its potential victims. “This man is over 65. I’ll swoop down on him.”

Now we come to more strenuous efforts. “You see, 5G technology has a unique ability. It ACTIVATES the otherwise dormant virus and transforms it into a killer. The virus was on an extended fast. But now, it must munch food all day and all night, and its food is human cells…”

“The virus doesn’t defeat the immune system. It has an opposite effect. It forces the immune system to go into overdrive, and this produces a cascade of misdirected attacks against organs of the body…”

“The virus is a shapeshifter. It not only mutates rapidly, as all viruses do, it adopts disguises and thereby evades detection by antibodies…”

“The immune system can only counteract the virus temporarily. It comes back. You could test negative one day and positive the next day…”

“There are actually three strains of the virus. The first two are relatively minor threats. But the third is the real danger…”

Save the virus. Save THE STORY ABOUT THE VIRUS. Keep it going. Don’t let it slip away.

Inside the Church of the Virus, the LAB is the holy of holies. That’s where the deepest ceremonies are conducted. The LAB must be protected. Since no one ever proved the virus actually exists, the LAB has potential problems.

So keep spinning out those stories about SARS-CoV-2 and keep roping in the audience. Make each story sound credible. People out in the world will help. They’ll make up their own variations of the tale. They can’t let go.

If you must, resort to older versions: “God has brought down the virus on us, as punishment for drifting away from His Word…”

“In the bowels of Hell, Satan devised the coronavirus and carried it up to Earth, to attack us…”

Then there is this: “SCIENCE says we have to fear the virus and stay on lockdown until the vaccine arrives.” Science is defined as ‘the opposite of anything Trump thinks’.” That’s the result of $300,000 and a Masters degree in something or other, from an elite university.

When you punch a hole in one of these bloated and enhanced virus-stories, someone will probably reply, “But it’s possible. It’s possible that the microwave in your kitchen alerts SARS-CoV-2 that it’s time to attack your liver…”

Yes, and in the same way it’s possible your entire blood supply is actually made up of trillions of tiny torpedoes, and it just so happens that the unique timbre of Trump’s voice arms these torpedoes and launches them against your lung tissue.

But that doesn’t mean you can take this hypothesis to the bank and cash it. Although it might mean you can land a job at the World Health Organization.

COVID: save the planet, save the virus

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