Who Will Win November’s US Presidential Elections? … Israel? – Global Research

The US presidential elections coming this November will determine whether the current President Donald Trump or the Democratic nominee Joe Biden (if his mental capabilities are still intact) will run the White house.

But whether Trump or Biden becomes president, Israel is the real winner in all of this.  Trump is no doubt already controlled by the neocons and his relationship with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is close, but Joe Biden who declared he was a Zionist back in 2008 is trying to win Israel’s support once again.

No matter who wins the elections come this November, Israel wins and the Palestinians and the rest of the Middle East lose. The Israel lobby known as the American-Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC), is one of the most powerful lobbyists’ in Washington D.C. (besides Big Pharma and Big Oil) is an influential group of Zionists who have an agenda to erase the Palestinians and their history from their lands and expand its territory in the Middle East like they did with the Golan Heights under Trump.

Democrat or Republican, both sides have blood on their hands when it comes to the Palestinians and all of the wars in the Middle East. Unfortunately, another major loser in all of this pandering to the Israelis is of course the American taxpayer, something both sides of the political spectrum ignore. With a Biden-Harris presidency or the current status quo with Trump-Pence, the Middle East will once again be in turmoil after the November elections and that’s a fact the world cannot ignore.

Who Will Win November’s US Presidential Elections? … Israel?

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