Feet of Clay and Clapping for the NHS – UK Column

Whether we believe in the COVID-19 crisis as told by the Boris Johnson’s Conservative government or not, the SARS-Cov-2 virus events of 2020 have used the NHS as a powerful propaganda tool to manipulate public beliefs, emotions and values. In particular, our inherent national respect for the NHS, and particularly the staff who overwhelmingly work to help others, has been used to focus the public mind on the NHS, and help elevate it to a God-like status. 

The danger of such a status, is that we are expected to trust the NHS completely. What it says, what it claims and what it does. In doing so we submit the health of our minds and bodies, as well as those of our families, to the altar of NHS perfection, with no questions asked.

Yet many people are asking questions about the NHS and its treatment of vulnerable people, especially the elderly and very young. Strangely, when reasonable, measured people do try to raise concerns and speak out, they are met with a wall of indifference, silence and cover-up. Nobody wants to hear the real details about unnecessary deaths in the NHS, particularly the BBC and wider corporate media. 

Before introducing four very brave people who are standing up to challenge the status of ‘God NHS’, it seems timely to reflect on the extraordinary virus events of 2020, where the NHS was declared the great bastion of the defence of the nation against COVID. This message was drilled into the public mind by hourly and daily media messages, led by the BBC of course, and using a toxic cocktail of skewed COVID infection and death statistics, and a false claim that “only by supporting the outstanding work of the NHS” could we hope to survive the pandemic as individuals, and possibly even as a nation.  

It is at this point that many pro-NHS readers will start to feel uneasy at the idea that their beloved NHS could be accused of such malevolent actions. It is therefore here that I will state that I am ‘married into the NHS’ by family relations and friends who have worked within the NHS as career professionals from nursing to very senior professional position. I am also happy to say that I have personally benefited from some excellent and skilful NHS surgery and care, without which I might well not be able to see to write this article. I have elderly and very vulnerable relatives who are well cared for in nursing homes. I therefore have every reason to support the NHS and be grateful for care I have received, and to appreciate care given within the wider UK care system.

This short introductory article and the accompanying audio interview have therefore not been produced out of idle criticism of those caring and dedicated people who work within the NHS. Rather it is written as a stark warning, that under the warm glow of the ‘NHS is beyond reproach stage lights’, kind, caring and professional work by many good people, is being undermined by some very dark NHS policies and events which need to be fully exposed.

Feet of Clay and Clapping for the NHS

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