UK ‘Coronaphobia’ is Pushing the Country Towards a Stasi-like State – 21st Century Wire

On Monday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new ‘pre-lockdown’ measures, under the cryptic-sounding heading of, The Rule of Six, coming into force this week despite protests from leading civil liberties experts and legal scholars who’ve warning that new intrusive laws will keep people and families unfairly apart, as well as destroy the Christmas season.

To help enforce the new measures, Johnson also announced that he would be recruiting thousands of new ‘COVID Marshals‘. The first new group of Marshals in England could be seen on Monday enforcing meticulous social distancing orders, one-way system on pavements, and telling people to wear masks in shops and at takeaways venues. They will also be handing out masks and hand sanitizer in order to “keep everyone safe.”

The scale of the UK government’s own administrative fraud became visible last month when it was revealed how numbers were inflated by exaggerated hospital coronavirus admissions during peak of pandemic – where health officials were recklessly counting patients who were actually sick for other reasons – meaning that people who were suffering from other illnesses were included in the government’s data sets. The government’s own Science Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) was forced to admit that patients who were categorised as COVID-19 hospital admissions had never even tested positive for the disease. These findings should have thrown the entire pandemic narrative into question, but the government, with the backing from the mainstream media, have still pressed ahead with their New Normal agenda.

UK ‘Coronaphobia’ is Pushing the Country Towards a Stasi-like State

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