Three Life Sentences Plus 40 Years for Convicted Israeli Settler – Stephen Lendman

Convictions of Israelis for crimes against Palestinians are rare exceptions, not the rule — almost never against soldiers and other security forces.

According to Yesh Din Volunteers for Human Rights, violence by Israeli forces and settlers occurs daily, nearly always with no accountability.

Yesh Din’s data show that “the vast majority of investigation files regarding harm to Palestinians and their property are closed due to police failure to investigate properly,” adding: 

“The deficiencies and flaws in the work of the police are present at every stage of the investigation, and police frequently fail to undertake basic investigative steps amounting at times to criminal negligence.”

“Investigation failures and the leniency displayed by both prosecution agencies and the courts in cases of ideologically motivated crime encourage such violence against Palestinians.”

In Occupied Palestine, crime without punishment by Jews against Palestinians is the rule, not the exception.

Occupying IDF soldiers ignore settler violence and vandalism against Palestinian civilians.

The practice known as “standing idly by” refers to witnessing crimes by settlers against Palestinians by Israeli security forces but doing nothing to prevent them or apprehend perpetrators.

In July 2015, extremist settlers set the Dawabsha family home ablaze, immolating 18-month-old Ali.

Husband and wife Saad and Riham later succumbed to third-degree burns that were too severe to save them.

Four-year-old Ahmad alone survived despite third-degree burns covering most of his body, requiring months of excruciating treatment — paid for by the PA because Israel nearly always doesn’t recognize victims of state-sponsored or settler terror.

To this day at age-10, Ahmad is still being treated for what happened over five years ago.

Last May, settler Amiram Ben-Uliel was convicted on two counts of attempted murder, arson, and conspiracy to commit a hate crime for the Dawabsha family immolation incident.

On Monday, he was sentenced to three consecutive life terms plus 40 years and fined 258,000 shekels ($74,450) for Ahmad Dawabsha that can never compensate for loss of his family members.

Ahmad’s grandfather Hussein Dawabsha, his guardian since the 2015 incident, said “sentenc(ing) (Amiram Ben-Uliel) will not bring anything back.”

He quoted his grandson saying: “Why did they do this to me. Why am I not like other children.”

He lost an ear and his body is permanently scarred by what happened.

Joint Arab List MP Yousef Jabareen said Ben-Uliel’s sentence “is significant for the family and for the Palestinian people, given that the majority of crimes committed by settlers against Palestinians never reach the courts,” adding:

“However, top government officials have led ongoing incitement campaigns agitating for political assassination and have generated an atmosphere of racist hatred. This ruling does not absolve them of responsibility for these acts.”

“The cruel occupation and settlement enterprise breeds hate crimes of this nature and until they end, hate crimes of this nature will continue to occur.”

At least two other settlers witnesses saw fleeing the crime scene remain unpunished.

Three Life Sentences Plus 40 Years for Convicted Israeli Settler

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