Why Are Governments Trying to Fast-Track Unlicensed, Experimental COVID Vaccines? – 21st Century Wire

One of the obvious outcomes of the government and media’s ‘pandemic’ narrative is advancing the idea that normal testing for efficacy and safety must be dispensed with due to the urgency of the situation. Their narrative is based on the belief that the ‘pandemic’ is so severe that the public simply ‘cannot wait’ to properly test and develop this new COVID-19 vaccine, and that it provides the only path towards herd immunity – and a return to ‘normal’ life as we once knew it.  This global vaccine initiative is being heavily promoted by Bill Gates, the transnational pharmaceutical industry and the corporate media.

However, this tenuous narrative is based on an entirely fabricated premise – driven by the a supposed need for endless mass-testing, resulting in the predictable “Case-demic” which has followed.

Upon closer examination though, there is a clear conflict of interest between government agencies, its science advisors, and select academic institutions like Imperial College (who provided the ‘scientific’ justification for Lockdown) – all of which are receiving large sums of money from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and partnering with Gates to fund mass vaccinations through Gates-funded subsidiaries like GAVI Vaccine Alliance, as well as politicians receiving funds from vaccine manufacturer pharmaceutical firms also working in close partnership with the Gates Foundation – forming what can only be described as corporate ‘pubic health cartel.’

Why Are Governments Trying to Fast-Track Unlicensed, Experimental COVID Vaccines?

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