Challenging the Novichok Poisoning of Navalny Hoax by Russia – Stephen Lendman

Already strained EU relations with Russia potentially reached a new low over the great novichok poisoning of Alexey Navalny hoax.

On Tuesday, Russia’s EU mission challenged the bloc’s fake news about what happened to him, saying the following:

“In recent weeks, we have been witnessing a rapidly growing information campaign in the EU — both in official circles and media — over an incident which occurred with a Russian political activist and blogger Alexey Navalny on 20 August 2020,” adding:

“Not claiming to be experts in toxicology, we still consider it necessary to draw your attention to multiple inconsistencies regarding this case.” 

“In the light of forthcoming debate in the European Parliament, we call on EU officials and MEPs to look into a number of following questions.”

“Would there be any rationale behind the Russian authorities’ alleged decision to poison Alexey Navalny with the use of a military-grade chemical nerve agent of the ‘novichok’ group, which falls under CWC ban, in a Russian city with half a million population and then to do their utmost to save his life and let him go for further medical treatment to Germany, where ‘ovichok’ could (allegedly) be identified?” 

“What would be the reason for the Russian authorities to poison Alexey Navalny, taking into account that his actual popularity level hardly reaches 2%, according to the recent survey conducted in July 2020 by Levada Centre, an independent nongovernmental polling and sociological research organization?”

On the same day, Russian Foreign Intelligence Service head Sergei Naryshkin said the following:

Russian “medics at the Omsk hospital, who saved Alexei Navalny’s life, conducted a deep complex of examinations in a short time span, including examinations for presence of toxic and…poisonous substances.” 

“These examinations were performed using the newest equipment and in compliance with the strictest medical protocols.”

Their comprehensive tests found no toxins of any kind in his blood, urine, liver, or elsewhere in his system — no traces of novichok or other nerve agent poisoning that would have killed him before boarding a flight from Tomsk, Russia to Moscow.

Naryshkin stressed that “(w)e  have a lot of questions to the German side, and the Prosecutor General’s Office requested aid in the investigation twice, but there is still no response” — suggesting a cover-up by Berlin.

Challenging the Novichok Poisoning of Navalny Hoax by Russia

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