The US-Brokered Mideast ‘Peace’ Deals Aren’t Really What They Seem – Global Research

There’s No “Peace” Without There First Being A War

Many across the world are loudly applauding the US-brokered Mideast “peace” deals between “Israel” on one hand and the UAE & Bahrain on the other, but the entire stunt is a ruse to mislead the global public on several issues of strategic importance. Firstly, the “opposing” sides were never in any real state of war to begin with since they’ve all actually enjoyed very close relations behind the scenes for at least the past decade. This was the biggest “open secret” in the Mideast, but those two Muslim-majority countries aren’t the only ones to have such unofficial relations with the self-professed “Jewish State” since many of their peers share them as well. This is especially so when it comes to Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Oman, Morocco, and Mauritania, for example, all five of which are expected to eventually follow in the UAE and Bahrain’s footsteps sooner or later. None of those seven countries meaningfully oppose “Israel” in any way, and their support of the Palestinians is purely symbolic in order to “save face” among their pro-Palestinian populations.

The Importance Of Recognition And The Lack Thereof

The whole point in grossly exaggerating the two latest accords as a “breakthrough for peace” is to pressure those remaining countries that refuse to recognize “Israel” by portraying them as “obstacles to peace” so that they too consider abandoning their principled support for Palestine in exchange for positive media coverage and other perks such as economic support. It’s significant to point out that Turkey, which has recently presented itself as the latest high-profile patron of the Palestinian cause, still officially recognizes “Israel”, while Iran — largely considered the greatest overall threat to the self-professed “Jewish State” — doesn’t. Syria, which prior to the onset of its ongoing Hybrid War nearly a decade ago was regarded as the most immediate conventional threat to “Israel”, also doesn’t recognize it, nor does neighboring Lebanon which hosts Hezbollah, the socio-political movement/militia whose very name strikes fear into the hearts of every “Israeli” and their supporters across the world. These observations have compelling implications that will now be discussed.

The US-Brokered Mideast ‘Peace’ Deals Aren’t Really What They Seem

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