Trump’s Dirty Business as Usual Middle East Agenda – Stephen Lendman

Time and again, when US policymakers announce a new dawn, everything stays the same or deteriorates.

Tuesday at the White House was the latest deception during an orchestrated signing ceremony.

The so-called Abraham Accords Peace Agreement has nothing to do with Middle East peace and stability.

Trump hosted Israel’s Netanyahu, UAE foreign minister Abdullah bin Zayed, and his Bahraini counterpart Abdullatif Al-Zayan for the White House signing ceremony.

The elaborate charade was reminiscent of Edward Said’s denunciation of the September 1993 Oslo Accords White House signing ceremony, at the time saying:

“The fashion-show vulgarities of the White House ceremony, the degrading spectacle of Yasser Arafat thanking everyone for the suspension of most of his people’s rights, and the fatuous solemnity of Bill Clinton’s performance, like a 20th century Roman emperor shepherding two vassal kings through rituals of reconciliation and obeisance, (and) the truly astonishing proportions of the Palestinian capitulation.” 

Then it was unilateral surrender to Israel and the West, a Palestinian Versailles.

Tuesday’s White House ceremony formally affirmed what already existed in principle.

The UAE and Bahrain officially abandoned the Palestinian cause by formally allying with Israel.

Left unexplained in Western media reports was that as long as Palestinians aren’t afforded equity, justice, freedom from Israeli occupation, and self-determination, regional peace and stability will remain elusive.

Formal despotic UAE and Bahrain relations with apartheid Israel makes it easier for the Jewish state to annex all valued parts of historic Palestine it wishes — what’s been going on incrementally for over half a century, the world community doing nothing to stop it.

When news of the UAE deal was reported, PLO executive committee member Hanan Ashrawi slammed it as follows, saying:

“The UAE has come out in the open on its secret dealings/normalization with Israel.” 

“Please don’t do us a favor. We are nobody’s fig leaf!” 

“May you never experience the agony of having your country stolen.” 

“May you never feel the pain of living in captivity under occupation.” 

“May you never witness the demolition of your home or murder of your loved ones.” 

“May you never be sold out by your ‘friends.’ ”

Trump’s Dirty Business as Usual Middle East Agenda

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