Arab Normalization with Israel is the Start of an Anti-Iran Alliance – The Palestine Chronicle

As Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu stepped up to the podium flanked by the foreign ministers of Bahrain and the UAE to sign what has been hailed as a “historic peace agreement” between Israel and the two Gulf kingdoms, many have wondered aloud “where are the Palestinians”?

Indeed the absence of Palestinians has been noted by analysts familiar with the bloody history of Zionism’s colonial project, as a deliberate objective by the architects of the deal to fulfill Israel’s vision.

A vision built on the myth of “a land without people for a people without land”.

The ceremony at the White House presided over by Trump, thus reflected Netanyahu’s world of fantasy in which Palestinians are treated as sub-human, irrelevant and a nuisance.

The so-called “peace agreement” between Israel and American client-states is bizarre for as surrogates in the service of US hegemony, neither Bahrain nor the UAE have ever been at war against Israel.

And apart from not being enemies, the two Gulf oligarchies have for decades maintained a clandestine love-affair with Israel, on the assumption that their security is tied to the security of the settler-colonial regime.

And it’s not confined to Bahrain and the UAE. Most Arab despots view a secure Israel as their guarantor.

The reality is that Palestinian lives do matter despite the American/Israel plot to erase them from the equation and have Arab client-regimes as surrogates willing to be scripted into it.

So what is the “peace deal” and the much-vaunted “dawn of a new Middle East” about?

Contrary to the illusion created at the White House ceremony in pursuit of fake “peace”, Pompeo let the cat out of the bag during his foray in the region a few days before.

It is “normalization” for the purposes of mounting a military alliance against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Arab Normalization with Israel is the Start of an Anti-Iran Alliance

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