US Lawmakers Face War Crime Charges for Their Role in Yemen – James Corbett

Remember that whole Yemen thing? You know, that little genocide that Saudi Arabia has been perpetrating out in the Arabian peninsula? If you’re like most people in the Western world, the answer is probably “no.” After all, you’ve got racist pancake syrup characters and other pressing political matters to attend to.

But it turns out that there are prosecutors out there who do remember the Yemen thing. These prosecutors are armed with a raft of documents showing that US lawmakers ignored their government’s own legal warnings about arming the Saudis during their siege of Yemen. And, if the latest reports are anything to go by, a number of congress critters are lawyering up in the fear that they may soon face war crimes charges for their role in the affair.

Now, perhaps you have absolutely no idea what has been taking place in Yemen over the last several years. If you’re a newbie to the alternative media who’s just waking up to the world of conspiracy realism as a result of this COVID scamdemic, you can surely be forgiven for not knowing the first thing about Yemen or the bloodbath that’s happening there. After all, you’re certainly not going to get up to speed on the situation from the one or two 30-second “news blast” updates that the MSM news have run on the issue over the last half decade.

But if you’re a die-hard Corbett Reporteer, you have no such excuse. You see, I wrote a summary and review of the conflict in Yemen and how the entire Saudi-led, US-supported genocide there developed back in 2015. If you want all of the details, please go read it.

In summary, back during the phony baloney “Arab Spring,” the US government actively supported a color revolution-style change in political leadership in Yemen. Obama even held the Yemen regime change operation up as a model for how Syria’s President Assad should be ousted. But Obama and his gaggle of neolib R2P love bombers got more than they bargained for when the installation of the US-approved puppet (Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi) was rejected by a significant portion of the country and Yemen devolved into an intense civil war.

Enter Clown Prince Mohammed, ruler-in-waiting of Saudi Arabia, who—in addition to proving he’s a Big Bad Military Leader—wanted to punish Yemen’s rebel groups for rejecting the globalist puppet Hadi and rebuffing the Saudi-led Gulf Cooperation Council’s ultimatums and expansionism.

What has followed has been a nightmare of nearly unimaginable proportions, including the largest cholera outbreak in human history, the mass starvation of millions of Yemeni children, and the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians in a years-long series of Saudi air strikes. The slaughter has been identified as an ongoing genocide and many war crimes charges have been leveled at Saudi Arabia for committing these crimes and the US and UK governments for knowingly supporting them.

US Lawmakers Face War Crime Charges for Their Role in Yemen

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