US to Deploy Bradley Fighting Vehicles Into Syria – 21st Century Wire

Despite recent pledges by the Trump Administration to drawdown forces in the Middle East, specifically with cuts in Iraq and Afghanistan, officials in Washington do not appear to be extending such pre-election pledges for its running contingent still illegally occupying parts of northeastern Syria.

In a contradictory announcement on Friday, US military said that they will be deploying its Bradley armored vehicles and other military assets to Syria. The reason given publicly remains dubious as ever, with the White House and the Pentagon toggling between disingenuous claims that US assets are there to ‘protect US troops fighting ISIS,’ and that remaining US forces are there “guard the oil.”

While Iraq and Afghanistan have long been regarded by much of the US mainstream as lost causes for the empire, maintaining instability and economic pain in Syria is still a top priority for Israel and its Lobby embedded in Washington – which also means its a priority to US mainstream media outlets too. For these and other reasons, it is unlikely the White House would want to reverse course on Syria anytime soon, opting instead to carry on with its policy of maximum pressures through punitive economic sanctions and occupation and arming proxy ‘rebels’, Kurdish forces and various terrorists groups, in order to hamper Russian efforts to help Damascus. Ultimately, Washington and Israel’s primary objective is to push Syria further into instability and towards eventual regime change.

US to Deploy Bradley Fighting Vehicles Into Syria

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