Bio-Surveillance: Singapore Issues New Bluetooth Tracking Tags for Citizens – 21st Century Wire

More often than not, you will see one small island state leading the way on all things related to futurism and technocracy. As a self-described ‘smart nation,’ Singapore proudly takes the lead on any new developments in surveillance technology, like facial recognition, and it’s normally sold as something which will ‘improve lives, economic opportunity and build communities.’ So it’s a natural fit to play the role of beta testing ground for the new global bio-surveillance regime now being forced through under the guise of the current ‘pandemic.’

Thus far, we’ve seen a breathtaking leap forward in terms of tracking and social engineering applications related to COVID-19, including new mobile apps which assign green/yellow/red traffic light-style quarantine status levels to people, and governments using mobile phone signal triangulation and geofencing in order to track citizens and enforce isolation quarantines. There’s also disturbing Big Brother apps like FluPhone. We’ve also seen government sucking up data and using mobile alerts to inform people of anyone who has tested positive for COVID within 100 meters of their location. The levels of penetration into one’s life and personal medical health – are unprecedented.

Governments have now enabled an unprecedented global grid of social tracking, but where does it end? People should not be so naive as to think it will not be relatively easy for the state to convert these instruments of bio-surveillance into tools of social control and exclusion. We’re seeing this unfold already in this COVID crisis.

Unless people wake up to this fact and begin to push back, then governments and corporations will simply take their silence as implied consent to the new technocracy police state.

Bio-Surveillance: Singapore Issues New Bluetooth Tracking Tags for Citizens

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