Australia’s First Police State – American Herald Tribune

‘Fascist’ has been grossly overused and misused.  It is hard to put a finger on what is going on in the Australian state of Victoria.  Fascistic comes close,  but police state,  definitely.

A state of emergency, declared across the state in March,  was recently extended for a further six months.  The city of Melbourne was declared a disaster zone in early August and that too was extended.  The powers of suppression and control given to the police under these laws are unprecedented in Australian history. 

Yet again it has to be stressed.  There is no medical reason for these impositions.   The health situation does not warrant the declarations of states of emergency and disaster.

Thrown into a panic approaching hysteria,  the people have shut their minds down. They ask no questions,  and only repeat what Premier Daniel Andrews and the media say about doing the right thing,  enabling him to play a cat and mouse game, by promising to ease the restrictions one day and threatening to tighten them the next. Like the mesmerized mouse they are too frightened to squeak.  

Australia’s First Police State

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