“None of the above” – Dissident Voice

I am neither a supporter of the Democratic, Republican or Liberal parties. It is obvious to me that our system is corrupt, it functions on behalf of the wealthy and those employed either directly or indirectly by our government and or the military industrial complex.

Voting for either of any of the candidates is a vote to continue the corruption and destruction of our country, planet and the future of future generations.

While I endeavor to expose these facts to our readership, it is now obvious to me, as I am sure it may be to many of you that the great majority of our fellow citizens have been duped and are incapable of facing reality, choosing instead to believe in a fairytale that one of these criminals will save us from destroying our nation and millions of lives in the process.

I have become aware that the reality is that people don’t want to face facts, we prefer to act as programmed automatons, while those who pull the strings of government laugh at us and talk about the importance of “our” democracy.

Don’t choose sides. Face reality, neither party deserves your respect or your votes.

“None of the above”

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